Based on Android 4.4, CyanogenMod 11 custom ROM boot

CyanogenModCM,ROM Android4.4

CyanogenModCM,ROM Android4.4

Google the latest system version Android 4.4 has been officially released , but as a well-known third-party ROM manufacturer CyanogenMod team does not publish the first time , whether a third party based on Android 4.4 custom ROM, but just today , CyanogenMod formally adopted Google+ announced that they have officially launched the CyanogenMod 11 based Android 4.4 custom ROM development, but they have not announced a specific release date.

According CyanogenMod presentation, most of the current CM ROM features will give Android 4.4 ported to the development of CyanogenMod 11 in , but there is a small part can not be transplanted , but also expressed CyanogenMod , their next job is to these these distinctive features re-development in order to better integrate into the CyanogenMod 11.

As we all know , the current market is also only supports Android 4.4 Google Nexus 5 a new son . However, according to news shows , Galaxy Nexus, Nexus 4, Nexus 7, HTC One and Xperia Z and so will have access to Android 4.4 upgrade package , but the specific time is still not clear.

CyanogenMod currently the main focus seems on the Android 4.3 , but taking into account the CyanogenMod is already a commercial operation of the company, so the advent of CyanogenMod 11 should not make us wait too long . So for CyanogenMod 11 and the rise of friends can continue to look at .

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